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Linen & Room Spray


Linen & Room FreshenerCan be used as a room air freshener, to freshen up linens, fabric, furniture, curtains, in the car, gym bags, dog beds and much more.

Asian Plum - A deep blend of plum, exotic orchid, jasmine, musk and vanilla. 

Stress Relief - Ecualyptus & Spearmint, relax with this BBW dupe. This invigorating unisex aroma combines eucalyptus and spearmint with a touch of lavender, citrus and calendula for a very energizing scent.

Plum Rose - A clean, light floral with a whisper of summer breezes, fresh plumeria, citrus and a light rose scent. 

Refreshing Lemon -A refreshing true lemon scent.

Phthalate Free: Yes
Detergent Free: Yes

Net Wt of Product:
Net Wt. 8.0 fl oz / 226.8 g

Net Wt. 4.0 fl oz / 113.4 g

Distilled Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 80, Essential Oil, Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol

Gently shake the bottle.  Hold sprayer away from your and other and squeeze the trigger.  If using on linens, fabric, furniture, hold six to eight inches away from the surface and squeeze the trigger gently.   

For external use only. Spray away from your body, others in the room, children and/or pets.