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Crystals - Scolecite


Scolecite - A type of Zeolite, Scolecite brings a deep, inner peace to those who meditate with it.  It can bring info from the past and future to help one in this physical, 3D existence.  Scolecite can also act as a guide for astral travel, helping to connect with different entities form other realms.  It helps enhance the dream state.

Scolecite is said to aid in solving or coping with group issues.  It can be used to enhance connectivity between members of a group to make a great whole and help them be more tolerant of one another.  

Scolecite helps to achieve a feeling of serenity even during the most tumultuous times and enhances higher awareness. Those who experience blockage may find it useful, as it helps to break through stagnant energies, emotional, physical and mental, allowing for the free-flowing energies through all of the Chakras.

Chakra:  Primary Crown, Secondary Third Eye

Net Wt Per 1 Stone
Net Wt:  2.01 oz  

Dimension:   Approximately 3.5" in length


Price is for 1 stone.


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