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Oracle - Mystical Wisdom


Mystical Wisdom Oracle Deck

Featuring the enchanting artwork of Josephine Wall, the Mystical Wisdom Deck provides guidance for the present and inspiration for the future.

  • Archangels, goddesses, spirit animals, fairies and wonderful, mystical creatures deliver uplifting messages and gentle advice to help you get past all of life s challenges and get back to joy!
  • The Mystical Wisdom Deck includes 46 cards with a 64-page illustrated guidebook full of hope and wisdom.
  • Coming in a wide variety of different styles and forms, they are often collectibles in their own right. We have over 300 decks to choose from.
  • Used as tools to divine the future, understand ourselves, and explore spiritual mysteries for centuries, Tarot Decks are magical tool used in a great many different traditions across the world.

Artist:  Josephine Wall

Author:  Gaye Guthrie

Box Size:  5.75" x 4.25" x 1.25"

Weight:  9.6 ounces


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