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Silicone Mold - 25 Cube Soap Mold


25 Cube Silicone Soap Mold - This 25 cavity mold is great for production.  You don't have to fill the entire mold at once.  All together, this mold holds nearly 10 pounds of soap (150 oz).  Soaps come out with a smooth, professional look to your soap.  Good for Cold Process (CP) or Melt & Poor (MP) soapmaking.  Adding Sodium Lactate to your CP soap is essential to ensure a good release from the mold.  This mold works best with a low superfat CP formula and comes out faster when using a 15% water discount combined with sodium lactate.

Great for Soap Queen's Petit Fours Soap (MP) or check out her Crazy for Cubes tutorial.

Cavity Dimensions:  2.125" x 2.125" x 1.75"

Number of Cavaties:  25

Ounces Per Cavity:  5

Condition:  Used 1x