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Curing Rack

Please note the Availability Date for soaps on our Curing Rack.  Soaps need to go through a saponification process and the availability date is the first date the soap is able to be sold/used.  Once that date has passed, the soap will move to either our Artisan Soap or Herbal Soap collection.

Woodland Apothecary®  Artisan Soaps are all milk soaps, which may include any of the following:  goat milk, buttermilk, coconut milk, coconut cream and/or heavy whipping cream.  They may also include ethically, sustainable sourced palm oil (<=5%), ethically sourced tussah silk, aloe vera juice, purees, extracts, clays, micas, nut butters, botanicals, essential and/or fragrance oils.  

Our Herbal Soaps use natural colorants, are dairy free and use only essential oils.  They are also palm free, animal product free including silk free.  We may use bee free apply honey in some of our herbal soaps. They may also have any of the following: coconut milk, coconut cream, clays, nut butters, herbs, resins, botanicals, aloe vera juice, hydrosols, purees, extracts and/or vegetable/fruit powders making our herbal soaps Vegan.