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Herbal Soap

Woodland Apothecary®  Artisan Soaps are all milk soaps, which may include any of the following:  Goat Milk, Buttermilk, Coconut Milk and/or Heavy Cream. 

Our Vegan Soaps are dairy free.  We use Coconut Milk and/or Almond Milk.  They are also Palm free, Animal Product Free including Silk free.  We may use Bee Free Honee (Certified Organic Apple Concentrate) in some of our Vegan Soaps.

UPDATE:  January, 2020 - you will begin to see a change in the colors of our soaps as we move to more Herbal Soaps using natural colorants.   Our Herbal Soaps may have any of the following going forward: herbs, resins, botanicals, tinctures or extracts, fruit powders and/or essential oils.