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Intuitive Card Readings

I have been reading Tarot cards on and off since the late 70s.  I expanded to Lenormand and Oracle readings over the last several years.  Last year, I started with Tea Leaf Cards and Charm Readings (Tasseomancy) and loved it.  Less structured than Tarot readings and somewhat similar to Lenormand cards/readings; Tea Leaf Cards, use the divination art of symbology, which is one of the oldest methods of divination.  Tea Leaf cards are made up of the most common symbols found in Tea Leaf Readings.  While I also read Tea Leaves, this method provides me with a way to do long-distance readings.

I have several Intuitive Card Reading offerings at this time on our website.  As I do my readings, I may pull in Oracle, Crystal, Spirit Animals, Fairy and/or other cards as needed.  Tea Charms may also be used.