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Enchanted Wooden Spoons (My Kitchen Wand) - A pinch of Kindness, a dash of Joy, I season now with Love, Enjoy!


Enchanted Wooden Spoons (My Kitchen Wand) - For of all sorts of creative culinary creations (from chicken soup to magical love potions ), our engraved enchanted beechwood spoons are the perfect way to focus the love you have to share with others.  Beechwood is also the wood of choice for many culinary chef tools. 

These enchanted wooden spoons are created to use.  Laser engraved and bathed in warmed grape seed oil and melted beeswax to protect the wood. These wands are just the thing for any “kitchen witch” (someone who loves to cook with care and intention).  “My Kitchen Wand” is etched on the back of each handle.

Sayings Available:

  • A pinch of Kindness, a dash of Joy, I season now with Love, Enjoy! - "Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble..."  Into this cauldron is added, A pinch of Kindness for warmth and connection to others, a dash of Joy for all the benefits that come to someone when you find your happiness, and a sprinkling of Love, as the highest expression of Universal Energy.
    Price for 1 Single Spoon

    Material:  Beechwood

    Dimensions:  13" Length

    Enchanted Wooden Spoon Care
    To care for your Enchanted Wooden Spoon, massage it with food grade oil as needed.  Bathe it in warm sudsy water without allowing it to soak. Putting it in the dishwasher will effective the overall finish.  Over time your Enchanted Wooden Spoon will show it has been used to create delicious culinary creations, but the image has been burned into the wood, so it will stay as part of the spoon.