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Jewelry - Chakra Bracelet


Beautiful Chakra Bracelet - Natural stone bracelet, with Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise Black Line, Green Adventurine, Tiger Eye, Amber, Carnelian beads and spacers.  Balances all Chakras.

Length:  20 cm (stretch)


Amethyst - a meditative and calming stone; promotes balance, contentment and peace; balances energies; intuition and understanding; bestows stability and inner strength; calming and tranquilizing influence; inspires healing powers; enhances spiritual awareness and spiritual wisdom.

Lapis Lazuli - promotes verbal expression; clear communication; helps one to enjoy each moment and to release discord from one's life; allows for progression toward the perfection; facilitates the acceptance of responsibility; stimulates ones compass within.

Turquoise Black Line - associated with fertility, flow and growth; conveys goddess energy; enhances perception, discernment, creativity and self-expression;stimulates confidence and composure; assists one in the total fulfillment of destiny.

Green Adventurine - the stone of luck or chance, increases intuition, perception and foresight; eliminates fear; promotes a positive attitude.  This stone attracts money; helps to heal and stabilize emotions.

Tiger's Eye - grounding, courage, and personal power; physical vitality; a stone of health; relieves doubt; strength and clarity; promotes insight and releases negative energy from the chakras; strong willpower; enhances commitment to others and to one's self.

Amber - Clears negativity; sensual, earthy and exciting; draws out and transmutes energy on all levels; aids in self-healing and emotional healing; environmental clearing; increases confidence, mental clarity and creative self-expression.  Amber opens and cleanses all of the Chakras.

Carnelian - Helps calm the fears about death and rebirth, bringing serenity and acceptance of the great cycle of life; increases personal power and physical energy, gives courage; boosts creativity and compassion;  enhances vitality; provides higher energy needed when approaching new projects and dreams.