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Kambaba Jasper


Kambaba Jasper -  An intensely grounding minerals.  Helps to direct one's energies downward to connect with Earth energies.  The energy is then sent back up in an arc.  It as if your energies are being pulled and anchored into the planet, with a slower surge of energy return.  It pulls inward to your core, providing hope away from the confusion and chaos of the world.  Works well after any challenging spiritual work.

Kambaba Jasper calms the mind and body, provides insight into difficult situations, reduces fears, increases self-worth.  The "Supreme Nurturer", providing support for stressful and chaotic situations.  Grounding, absorbs negative energy, protects from psychic attack.  Good to use for ritual journeying.  It cleanses the aura and aligns the chakras.  Its energy helps turn thoughts into actions and stimulates creativity.  Encourages self-discipline to complete projects that the wearer may not find as exciting anymore.

Chakra(s):  Base Chakra awakening the Kundalini (spiritual life force at the base of the spine), clearing and strengthen each chakra in turn.  

Net Wt Per 1 Stone
Net Wt: 

Price is for 1 stone.


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