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Lion With Cub Wood Like Carved Statute | Woodland Apothecary®

Spirit Animal - Lion With Cub Wood Like Carved Statute


Lion With Cub -  The lion represents courage, assertiveness and strength in overcoming difficulties.  The lion also symbolizes personal power.  The ability to lead or to warn about threatening situations or event in your life.  While the cub is shown with a male lion.  A lioness is fiercely protective of her cubs. However, be aware that this power animal can also mean wild or difficult to control.   In any case, you know you are dealing with the King of the Jungle.  

This wood-like carved statue is perfect for any nature and animal lover.  The design features a realistic hand carved wood look to the piece.  The hand painting and polishing give the piece that extra sense of realism.  

Material:  Polyresin

Net Wt 

7 1/4" H 

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